Requesting a Token
Tokens are used as an identifier together with the custom-user-agent we provide to help us understand the authenticity of the user accessing our endpoints.
Please keep both the custom-user-agent, the token and the revoker key received inside any safe storage, in the case of a leakage, follow the details on the page Revoking a Token
Tokens are a means of identifying the usages and authenticating the client access to the user's access points, this is a critical item required in order to access our API together with the custom user-agent we provide as such, it is recommended to keep them in an safe and secure storage.

Requesting Token

To request an access token is a simple matter, but take note of the following limitations first before requesting a token:
    A user, organization, or any entity should only have a single token.
    Free V2 tokens (which is the standard as of 5/17/2021) have a head limit of 2,000 requests/day.
    Free V1 tokens have a head limit of 1,000 requests/day.
    IP Address requests (without tokens) are rate-limited at 5 per minute which means you can only request a token four more times in a minute in case you mess up.
    The head limit can be upgraded by purchasing a license.
Requesting a Token
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