Creating a Bin
Fun fact: All bins are encrypted with AES-256 encryption together with the owner identification which is why we cannot create a dashboard to allow you to see all the bins you have created.

What is a bin

A bin refers to a space or container where the owner of the container is free to write snippets inside the container to share with others to either assist someone in understanding a certain code or to show a developer of a library a stack trace of errors, etc.

How to create a Bin

To create a bin, there are two methods to do so either use the API(s) we provide or head to our official website and create one over there instead, but since you are here, we'll take it as you want to create a bin through our API.
The first step to creating a bin is to have an authorization token and a special user-agent to use to help assist us in authenticating the integrity of the user of the token. We recommend saving the authorization token and the special user-agent in different places to keep them secure. You may head to Requesting a Bin page to learn more.
Creating a Bin
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