Quickbin, a fast, secure and modern lightweight text/code bin for all developers to use for free.

Welcome to Quickbin's Developer Documentation! This side of the website is dedicated to showing you all the potential ways to integrate Quickbin with your application of choice to create amazing bins through other applications.


For any issues that you may encounter through our API or in the application in general, feel free to open an issue on our Github repository over at where we will keep track of all issues of the website.

Terms & Conditions

a. By accessing, creating a key or bin, editing a bin, or deleting a bin through our service you hereby agree to comply with the Terms and that the Terms control how we determine (control) your relationship with us. You also agree that you are within the legal ages of thirteen years old (13) or the minimum age of digital consent in your country.

b. You may not utilize our service to execute, share malicious codes with other users. We uphold our right to delete any bins that will be reported directly towards us for legal reasons (e.g. DMCA, Malicious Code Takedowns, and all other details).

c. If you are using the API(s) on behalf of another entity, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to bind that entity to the Terms and conditions we have written before us and by doing so, all references to "you" in any of the terms refer to that entity.


a. You will use any available reasonable efforts to protect the data collected through your client from any unauthorized access or use. These efforts will include, but are not limited to, encryption of the tokens and custom-user-agent we provide.

Monitoring & Privacy

a. YOU HEREBY AGREE THAT QUICKBIN MAY MONITOR YOUR USE OF THE APIS TO ENSURE QUALITY AND VERIFY YOUR COMPLIANCE WITH THE TERMS. This monitoring includes the user-agent used when accessing our endpoints, the IP address used and the token utilized. You will not interfere with any of this monitoring. Quickbin may spare any means to overcome any such interference.